UD3.x Fibernet V2.0b addon Kit


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You have a UD3 based coil and don’t want such a shiny new driver to just shout down a boring piece of plastic light conductor? Get Yourself a Fibernet now and add full fiber ethernet compatibility to your coil!

The fibernet is a network card for the UD3. It fits onto its side as shown in the product photo and tunnels all serial communication through UDP over a 100Base-FX ethernet link. And because it’s a many meter long optocoupler it’s completely potential free too! No need to worry about your laptop catching a streamer 😉

A Kit? What do I have to assemble?
Unlike the UD3 you will need to solder some SMD components here. The Components however are not hard to do so at all (only two LEDs, a micro SD Card holder and the SFP connector). All pads are large and none are underneath components. All Parts are provided in the kit of course.

What do I need to use it?
You of course need a UD3 (which you can order from my store too 🙂 ) to communicate with, that is not included in this kit. You will also need a 100Base-FX media converter and matching fiberoptic cable to use the Fibernet. The connector on the fibernet is multimode lc.

Prelimeneray specs:
Supply Voltage: 5V +/- 5%

DISCLAIMER you are buying a prototype network card, we are not liable for damage to your coil or other equipment. Technical specifiactions are suspect to change without notice. It is also explicitly sold as a kit that requires electronics knowledge to assemble and use.


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