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Want to have a shiny new driver for your DRSSTC? You’ve come to the right place! Keep in mind that this is a kit and some self assembly is required.

The UD3 series is as advanced as DRSSTC drivers get, supporting everything from live telemetry to an internal interrupter.

A Kit? What do I have to assemble?
All SMD components are pre-soldered, only the through hole parts need to be soldered. This gives flexibility regarding placement and type of connectors. You have the option of purchasing matching Molex-style KK headers or supplying your own.

What do I need to use it?
This offer includes only the bare UD3 board, you will need extra hardware for the serial comms, supply power and of course a tesla coil to put the driver into 😉
Without that the driver is useless to you.

If you want your coil to have a ethernet networking interface I also have a matching network card for the UD3 in the store.

Prelimeneray specs:
Supply Voltage: 24V +/- 5%
FMax (maximum switching frequency): 500kHz

DISCLAIMER you are buying a prototype driver, we are not liable for damage to your coil or other equipment. Technical specifiactions are suspect to change without notice. It is also explicitly sold as a kit, that requires electronics knowledge to assemble and use.


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