MidiStick Midi Interrupter V1.2


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The most advanced musical tesla coil Interrupter on the planet! ๐Ÿ˜€

With support for modulation from presets and also directly from midi CC parameters it allows for full customization of your coils sound. Vibrato & Tremolo, Portamento, Noise, Drum sounds it can do it all and more with the VMS. And even better it is all customizable with its own custom graphical programming language. Over a year of development time has gone into it so far and I have more additions planned.

It can even play the Commodore 64 sound files by emulating the famous MOS6581 SID chip. A feature that no other tesla coil interrupter has. And with the transient mode with burst support its the only tesla coil interrupter you’ll ever need ๐Ÿ˜€

For more info have a look at the posts I made about it here or look at some of the demo clips hereย 

To get started I recommend watching the video I made: here

A PC is required to supply the audio data. Compatible OSs: Windows, any common linux-distro.
MacOS is now supported again!
Technical details:
Connections: USB compatible (midi capable), without opto-transmitter (compatible with HFBR series and IF-96E transmitters)
Power: 5V from USB, <500mA
Output: Audio interrupter signal, limitable on-time & duty cycle, polyphonic with 4 voices
Features: Modulation with VMS (DAW compatible), stereo mapping when using > 1 stick

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Dimensions 10 × 1,5 × 1,5 cm

None, (NOS) HFBR series ST


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